Dr Fiona Chan


Fiona Chan Profile

Dr Fiona Chan is a compassionate, vibrant dentist who attained a Bachelor of Dental Science with Honours from the University of Queensland. Her holistic approach to integrated patient treatment places special emphasis on minimal intervention dentistry and preventative oral health regimes. Her friendly and gentle temperament helps to make every dental appointment as stress-free as possible.

Fiona’s participation in the Oral Inflammation and Atherosclerosis Research Program at the Prince Charles Hospital, led to her thesis aimed at establishing the role of periodontal disease as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. As the recipient of a Colgate Travel Grant, she presented her research at the 2010 IADR Australia and New Zealand meeting. Aside from periodontics, Fiona is also passionate about other aspects of dentistry, including aesthetic fillings and crowns.

When not treating patients, Fiona enjoys discovering different culinary delights and swimming.