Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten teeth using a series of custom-made nearly undetectable aligners.

Invisalign is fully removable and does not involve metal wires or brackets, which make eating, brushing and flossing no problem. You can still enjoy your favourite foods and smile without holding back.

At your first consultation appointment, the dentist will take study models, x-rays and photo’s from which they will be able to assess if you are compatible for invisalign treatment. From this assessment we will forward you a treatment plan detailing your treatment, cost and future appointments.

From your acceptance of our treatment plan, we will need to take impressions which will then be submitted to Invisalign along with your photo’s and x-rays.
Using the latest 3D computer technology they will produce your own customized aligners. You wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, moving your teeth gradually, and you need to visit us every four weeks.


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